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Products and Services

Products and Services

• Standard Products

The NSO releases over 240 News Releases every year. These are all published on the NSO website in real time. For our busy users, the NSO offers the E-Stats Service where users can subscribe to this service and receive all NSO News releases in PDF format in their e-mail boxes in real time.

The NSO also publishes a series of publications in various formats. Besides the annual publications, the NSO publishes thematic publications that present the results of surveys and compilations of statistical data covering particular themes. The formats used are various and include print, CD-ROM, in-house printing and electronic (online only). In cases where products are only published in electronic format, the NSO offers a Print-on-Demand Service where clients can order a printed copy of the electronic product.

Most of the NSO products are available for downloading free-of-charge on the NSO website. Moreover, clients are in a position to order and effect payment of any NSO publication online. Personal visitors can also purchase any NSO product from the NSO External Cooperation and Communication Unit.

• Customised products

The need for customised products and services regarding statistical information originates from the customer. Customers outline their need for information and this will result in an investigation for sources and, eventually, extraction of data requested. The NSO offers a
Request Form on its website where users can define their statistical needs. Cost recovery charges are applicable as per the NSO Pricing Policy. All enquiries, including fax, telephone and e-mail enquiries are dealt with by the External Cooperation and Communication Unit.

• Services

A telephone service is available for statistical users wishing to find out more about the availability of statistical data. This is managed by a dedicated team within the same unit that acts as an interface between the public and the client.

The NSO also offers services to clients wishing to carry out surveys or any other form of research. The Methodology and Research Unit at the NSO offers advice on methodologies and can also be commissioned to carry out a survey on behalf of the client. In such cases, clients will be required to meet with representatives from the Methodology and Research Unit to discuss requirements and time-frames. All the data collected and the reports extracted for commissioned projects belong to the client and are not published by the NSO.

The NSO is also offering training courses organised throughout the year on  various topics related to statistical methodologies and related subjects.

The IT Systems Unit at the NSO offers bespoke software over a broad range of platforms for clients wishing to start collecting their own data for their organisation. Clients can discuss their requirements with the programmers at the IT Systems Unit who will offer advice on the best solution. Eurostat eGovernment Survey Website Level A conformance icon, W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 at time of deployment